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Stone countertops are increasingly popular in modern design. A&G Marble is not only a fabricator and installer of countertops, but also a direct importer of natural stone materials. We import natural stones from the world famous quarries all over the world. You will have no problems locating what you are looking for from us. Unlike many home improvement centers, having our own stone inventory allows us to work faster and producing countertops with in top quality .

At A&G Marble, there is no middlemen involved and we don't charge any mark up on the stone. You get big savings on our material. Since everything is here on our yard, we can start working on the project as soon as you order.

Also if for some reason your slab cracks or breaks, we have plenty more in stock from the same bundle right on our location. With other small fabricators, there is more possibility of a slab breaking because of the need to transport it from the wholesaler's warehouse.


Each natural stone is varied in color and texture even from within same bundle. A&G Marble want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so we allow you to customize your countertops that no competition can even come close.

With A&G Marble, you can pick the very slabs that will use for your project. After we template your cabinets, you can align the template on the slab and chosse what parts you want to use on our factory. Also, the wide range of edge profiles is useful to change the look of your countertops. We have the equipments, skill and experience to make edge from modern like a hollywood bevel edge to traditional like ogee or cove ogee. It's all possible with A&G Marble.


In A&G, your satisfaction is our most priority, your project will use the exact part of stone you pick from our slabs. Our stone fabricators have many years of experience in sink cutout, edge profile and polish. It is guareeted that our quality will meet your expectations.


Our salespeople will answer all questions in natural stone countertops. They have experience and knowledge in stone fabrication and installation proceed. They will be able to help you to pick the stone with perfect color and pattern for your project.

Our installation and fabrication professionals have many years of experience. In A&G Marble, that is our guarantee to you that your countertops will be installed by professionals.


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