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Why Granite Kitchen Countertops Can Transform Your Home

A kitchen can be many things to your home.

Of course, it’s the place where you cook–and for many people, that’s one of the most therapeutic, enjoyable experiences in life. And, even in today’s world of fast food takeout, most people spend an hour on average in their kitchen per day prepping meals.

But your kitchen often goes beyond a place where you make delicious dishes. It’s also a gathering point in your home, where lots of conversations are had, and laughs are shared.

The point being, you’re in your kitchen for a hefty chunk of time each day, meaning the way you design it matters. This brings us to the topic of this blog, our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island, and why you should choose them for your home and we would know! We are experts in installing these beautiful Granite countertops.

1. Our Granite Kitchen Countertops in Long Island Are Incredibly Durable

Home improvement and design is a costly endeavor. Sure, it pays off in the long run–but that’s under the caveat you make wise choices.

By purchasing our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island, you solve this problem. Because granite is the 2nd hardest material known to man next to diamonds. It’s specifically resistant to chips and scratches under normal conditions, keeping its original aesthetic beauty longer than other materials.

There’s still something important to know regarding longevity. Provided you purchase our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island, you must be mindful of how you treat them.

Namely, use excessively sharp knives and meat cleavers with caution. They might possess a level of sharpness that actually mars the granite. As such, a cutting board is a necessity when slicing, chopping, and dicing food.

Here’s something else worth considering: as long as you take proper care of your granite countertops and install them with the correct support brackets, they’ll last forever essentially.

2. Our Granite Kitchen Countertops in Long island Are Resistant to Heat, Stains, and Moisture..


The durability of our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island doesn’t begin and end with chips and scratches.


To the above point, after using the correct sealant, our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island resist stains and moisture.

Why is sealing so essential? Because granite is porous. And it would otherwise be vulnerable to alkaline and acid, which stain and etch the surface. Additionally, note that – as to maintain resistance – the sealant must be reapplied once per year.

Furthermore, you must remove liquid and food stains from your granite kitchen countertops with mild detergent and water.

In the instance that food and liquid harden on your granite kitchen countertops in Long Island, you should softly scrape it off with a plastic scraper. This way, you’ll remove the debris gently, with no damage caused.

Another factor that favors the purchase of our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island is that they’re formed by heat and pressure.

The science explained above creates a considerable resistance to heat, allowing you to place scorching hot pans on the surface while remaining unscathed. This advantage offers a high level of convenience. You don’t have to scurry to find spots to place a scolding skillet while making your favorite meals.

3. Our Granite Kitchen Countertops in Long island Won’t Break the Bank.

A lot of the time, when you’re renovating or making design choices, you’re presented with the two following options:

Paying less money now and it costing you exponentially more in the long run because of repairs or replacements
Spending more money now in hopes of a long-lasting installation that doesn’t need repairs or replacement

Typically, dropping more cash on a design is supposed to pay off long-term. Whereas a seemingly cost-effective solution generally offers cheap material with no lasting power. Rare is it that there’s an in-between or happy middle ground.

The often frustrating scenario depicted above is where granite kitchen countertops buck the trend. You get the best of both worlds–long-lasting work that won’t chew into your savings.

At an average price of around $40 to $200 per square foot (including installation), granite countertops won’t do much initial damage to your bank account. That said, the thicker the slab, the more your granite countertop will cost–so keep thickness in mind.

On top of that initial affordability, there’s the durability we’ve already discussed. Our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island are built to last forever and a day.

So, you’re paying less now, and you’ll spend less later, meaning that this design choice keeps on giving. You don’t need to earn 6 figures per year to use high-quality material in your kitchen’s aesthetic.

4. Our Granite Kitchen Countertops in Long island Adds to Your Home’s Selling Price


Your home is many things. A castle. A safe haven. A reflection of your personality.

But your home is also an investment.

Unless you’re living in your “forever” property, you need to think about selling at some point down the road. Being constantly focused on maximizing your home’s value and eventual final sales price could solidify your future.

On the above note, realtors will tell you how kitchen renovations are crucial to increasing the value of your home. This belief has plenty of merits since homebuyers prioritize a kitchen’s appearance when they’re looking for their dream house.

There’s a caveat in all this: while upgrading your kitchen is essential to selling your home, you won’t necessarily make up the renovation costs.

In fact, a report shows the value of a kitchen renovation can only be 59% recouped based on the increase in selling price. So you must spend wisely to make up the difference. Since our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island are an economically sound purchase, it will heighten the chances you recoup what you spent on your upgrade.

Supporting the above notions is the fact that granite is the preferred countertop choice of US consumers.

So, when potential buyers come and see your home, they’ll be wooed by this kitchen feature and willing to shell out a jawdropping offer on your property.

5. Our Granite Kitchen Countertops in Long island Are Unique and Aesthetically Pleasing

Durability will always stand for a lot. Because lasting power is something that we value in almost everything, whether people, places, vehicles, or building materials.

But durability all on its own isn’t enough. When something only has lasting power – and nothing else – it will lack in charm and aesthetic appearance. Plainly, that’s unacceptable for most homeowners since aesthetic design dramatically impacts your overall mood and quality of life.

Kitchen countertops constructed out of bomb shelter material might last a long time, but they’ll bring little value otherwise.

Alternatively, our granite kitchen countertops in Long Island combine durability with aesthetic beauty. In fact, the top feature of a granite aesthetic is its uniqueness, making it the gold standard of kitchen countertops.

Every slab can’t be replicated. Yes, put two slabs side-by-side, and they might share some similarities. But they’ll always be different in veining, pattern, darkness, and lightness.

Your granite countertops can match the rest of your kitchen decor while also standing out as a focal point for visitors. Better yet, as was discussed earlier, granite is resistant to chips, scratches, mold, and heat. Therefore, it won’t deteriorate over time, keeping up its aesthetic beauty throughout its entire lifespan.

6. Our Granite Kitchen Countertops in Long island Are Safe and Sanitary

Bacteria won’t stick to the surface of your granite kitchen countertop. You can easily clean any such mess with water, light detergent, and a cloth to wipe it down.Sure, that offers aesthetic benefits. But it also means you get rid of potentially harmful germs with little to no fuss.

We’re not saying choosing a laminate for your countertops will give you salmonella. Still, knowing you’re less likely to have sanitation issues in your kitchen because your countertop is easily maintained definitely offers peace of mind.

Say Yes to Granite for Your Kitchen Countertops


Between durability, affordability, cleanliness, aesthetic beauty, and added value to your home, there are plenty of reasons to purchase granite kitchen countertops in Long Island.

Don’t just take our word for it. Perform your due diligence and see what else is out there. You must choose the option that best suits your needs.

However, we’re willing to bet that you’ll confirm what you always knew upon completing your product research. Namely, like many design-forward Long Island homeowners, granite kitchen countertops are the choice for you.

And when you finally decide to go with granite countertops, ensure you find a trustworthy contractor to install them. Having sure hands helping with the process ensures you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

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